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ATL (part uno)

ATL (part uno)

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Atlanta has been a blast so far. the digital camera died, so we had to stick to using pictures taken with the iPhone.

September 20th went as follows:

woke up, went to the Atlantis Music Conference, dipped outta there, hit up the New Era Flagship Store where the Sneaker Pimps had a "shoe battle" of some sort (i'm not really sure how that works... do they just NT tap them hella hard?) and then the camera died.

then we hit up Sol Munki next door and met up with the dood Fruit and started snappin flicks with the phone.

we only stayed at Sol Munki for a minute, they had a selection of the cre8tive recreation (my personal favorite) and a grip of ill art on the walls. and hella skateboards. to top it off, they were a selection of the friendliest clothing snobs i've met. my kinda folks.

then it was off to WREK at Georgia Tech to hit up the folks who do Wrekroom Renaissance 9pm-11pm every Thursday night. A-Dot, one of the show's hosts, explained to us that WREK has had hip hop on that time slot since '86 and their show has been carrying the tradition. wowsers.

the show went well. we talked music, business, avoided cursing and ticket prices, and gave praise to the man with the illest DJ name of the week: DJ Black Daniels. this dood by the name of Jaz-O then walked in as we were on our way out and our foolish selves didn't get a photo. =(

on the way back to the hotel, i saw this:

kind of a weird bumper sticker to put at a freeway exit...

next, after a long cab ride that included getting lost and finding that all the streets in ATL are named "Peachtree," we hit up the Remix Hotel producer/beatmaker battle at the Hard Rock Cafe. we missed the battle (damn Peachtrees!) but got a chance to see Talib rock the stage. it was filthy.

outside the club, i got a chance to get krispy with my kinfolk Kia Shine. apparently, the man is very tall and has lots of love for Seattle. that's my guy. "Stunna Frames" was on my myspace page for like 5 months straight. gee, i look sleepy and high in that picture.

then we had a chance to get by in the lobby of the Westin.

i have a friend that works at this club called Compound where, apparently, they make it rain. for real. Three 6 Mafia and Jeezy were supposed to be there that night and i was trying to see some $100 bills falling from the sky. unfortunately, nobody wanted to go.

so, after another overpriced cab ride and dodging about 37 strip clubs, we made it back to the hotel to watch Nice & Smooth rock the end of an In Living Color rerun.

we'll see what happens tomorrow.

  • How did I not know about that comm. Anyway, I have joined and am spreading the love in Aus.
    • ah! great! we need more members over there. it's a fairly new community, so there's not much activity over there yet (that's where the members come in... I can't do it all myself!)...
      thanks for joining! and I'm diggin your icon.
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