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kirkland is krackin

kirkland is krackin

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on Sunday, i went out to kick for the afternoon with my guy Khalil (Khingz) and our homie Jill. he came thru the crib and was like "ey foo, i hella heard that there's this sneaker expo in Kirkland goin on today."

word? let's go check it out. we grabbed some coffee and made the trek out to Peter Kirk Park in Kirkland.

Khalil kept talkin about how whenever he goes anywhere north or east of Seattle he gets nervous. i told him to chill.

Kirkland isn't a bad place. it's actually kinda crackin. hella parks, stores, community center for young folks to kick it. etc. i went to many a GLITTA by Sonny Bonoho and Unexpected Arrival shows at the community center in Kirkland not long ago.

anyway, when we showed up at the park we couldn't find any kind of sneaker expo. we looked in windows of the community center and saw nothing. nobody in the parking lot either. just this guy playing the bag pipes.

ey khalil, what kind of shoes were they expo-ing again?

then out of the corner of his eye, Khalil was like "hey those look like some sneaker head doods over there." and he was right. they did look like sneaker head doods. they were hella wearing sneakers, and they were all doods.

turns out this "sneaker expo" was really just 33 pairs of sneakers laid out on a picnic table. ironically, i found out i knew the guy that put it together. he goes by Derrick and i met him through my old roommate and homie Hoven (brother of Darvin of PFOM, TIKKKI show at BLVD, and the graphic artist behind Lovework.)

Derrick and his homies Tony, Emmanuel, and Lenard were proud to present the first annual Feet & Greet at the Peter Kirk Park in Kirkland. i actually thought it was kinda filthy, especially after coming from MAGIC in Vegas where the cool guy snobbery was a little overwhelming. these were just some good town folks enjoying some drinks and sneakers on a late summer afternoon.

keep doin yo' thing fellas!

we stayed just lampin for a minute and dipped. later on, i got home and laughed at how most of the pictures we took usually had Khalil walking away in them.

  • no sureel plug

    you didnt even say you stoped by sureel also.... ahhh just playin come thru the shop we so much new gear in
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