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friday mixdown

friday mixdown

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i spent friday with my buddy Martin Feveyear at Jupiter Studios in Wallingford. we're mixing the new cuts for the forthcoming EP projects from your friends, Blue Scholars.

Blue Scholars - Joe Metro EP
Late October

Blue Scholars - BUTTER&GUN$ EP
sometime after Late October

these digital releases will be accompanied by more filthy videography from your other friend, Zia Mohajerjasbi.

Martin's studio is kinda off the hook. real spacious and relaxed. reminds you of your friend's garage w/a couch you used to kick it in on hot summer days.

even Macklemore came by to drop off his verse for the North By Northwest Remix that Jake One did.

keep an eye out!

  • Thats awesome! I'm real excited! especially about Macklemore doing a verse in the remix!? thats really tight.
  • So I'm assuming the Joe Metro EP will be remixes and an expansion on Bayani. Will Butter&Gun$ be all new material? Come on, just a few hints? :-)
    • BUTTER&GUN$ will be essentially the Loyalty EP.

      Each EP features the title track, the remix of that title track, and a couple of new joints and remixes.
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