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Official Blue Scholars LP Re-Release Tracklisting

Official Blue Scholars LP Re-Release Tracklisting

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After a minor delay, we're back on track to re-release the first album by mid-Spring. A few changes since we last mentioned it, but we wanted to keep the essence of the first release intact, just adding some new tracks and tweaking a couple others. No more "Blink" remix, but instead the addition of a NEW song, "No Rest For the Weary." Artwork soon coming.

1. Solstice Intro (new track!)
2. Blue School
3. Bruise Brothers
4. Motion Movement
5. Self Portrait
6. Freewheelin'
7. The Inkwell
8. Burnt Offering
9. Evening Chai
10. Blink
11. Sagaba
12. The Ave.
13. Life & Debt
14. No Rest For the Weary
  • Ah, those songs were left off the album (for good reason) and made available on our website until the CD was released. They're also some of the oldest songs we've recorded (late 2002).
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